Anywhere the Wind Blows

Imagine a breeze from the mountains of West Virginia with the sweet sound of Dobro and fiddle, combined with vocals that are simmered in dance floor romance, and you have this record of original material blending country with soul. 

Follow the detour sign with an aficionado of fine wine and food as she takes you for a ride in “I Like the Way She Flies”. 

 “One Step at a Time” tells the sorrow of slowly leaving somebody’s memory behind while holding someone new. 

 “Ghost Town”, where the puddles in the streets don’t reflect very much when the effects of the declining coal mining industry causes the departure of the young that can’t hold on and where old people stay where they’ve lived all their lives living on faith and belief. 

I’m blessed to have talented friends play on this recording.  Some of them have passed on to another place and time, two of whom were virtuoso musicians that I must give special recognition to:  Mike Auldridge and Danny Gatton.  If you’re unfamiliar, Mike was a founding member of The Seldom Scene.  The New York Times called Mike “a guitarist who became one of the most distinctive Dobro players in the history of country…”  In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine named Danny the 63rd “…best and most influential guitarist(s) in rock.  …Gatton was…a hero to fellow guitarists.  He could pluck easygoing, banjo-like country rambles or grind out power chords or create wonderfully melodic jazz excursions that revealed just a sliver of his massive technique.”  I owe them, and all the players, a great many thanks.

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  • Easy Street 
  • Worried About Love 
  • One Step at a Time 
  • I Like the Way She Flies 
  • Good and Ready 
  • Ghost Town, featuring Mike Auldridge 
  • Secrets of the Heart 
  • It’s a Little Too Late 
  • Reckless Hearts, featuring Mike Dennis 
  • Young Lovers, featuring Danny Gatton 
  • Unpredictable Lady, featuring Paul Bell 
  • Anywhere the Wind Blows, featuring Danny Gatton 
  • Anywhere the Wind Blows, instrumental, featuring Danny Gatton 
  • Ghost Town, featuring Gantt Kushner

Give Them Wings

Featuring the 9/11 tribute song Give Them Wings.  The title song is one I wrote for a friend many years ago and in the year that the towers went down we decided to re-record it using 20-plus singers.  It was featured on several radio stations and in TV spots and is included in The September 11 Digital Archive: All proceeds went to help the families of 9/11 and in a small way we still feel good about the outcome.  This is one of my favorite CD projects because I wrote and arranged all the songs except for one.  It's a mixture of soul music and a little pop country. 

"Horn-jacked jump tunes, boogie-driven blues, heartsick R&B 
ballads -- Daryl Jr. Cline has always been drawn to the kind of 
music that keeps soul singers good company and provides 
insulation from passing pop trends. Which is why 'Give Them 
Wings,' ...will probably never sound dated despite its 
Sept. 11-inspired title track...a sweeping inspirational anthem, 
it deserves top billing for production value alone. But the album's 
greatest pleasures are the sort found in a good bar on a good night." 

Mike Joyce 

The Washington Post

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