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Daryl Jr. Cline and his band, The Recliners, have been making wonderful, soulful music for decades. A great blend of soul, blues and R&B with a rockin' edge, they remain great after all these years.  Daryl is a friend and a favorite of mine, a soulful singer/songwriter that leads The Recliners with a heartfelt joy that you can't miss when you hear or see them.  If you get the chance, don't miss it.  You'll love them.  I always have.

Peace and Believe,

Nils Lofgren

Daryl Jr. Cline is a performer & writer of songs that are immediately iconic, accessible and unique. Jr. Cline and The Recliners have been the soundtrack of the DC area for three decades. A music survivor with tales of hard won redemption in his songs.

Jay Keating
Songwriters' Association of Washington

I first met Jr. Cline and The Recliners in the 80’s when they were playing at Fager’s Island and the Ocean Club and some of the other top places in Ocean City, MD. I really liked his music and continued to follow him and his band. I hired him to play at one of my first establishments and I saw that the audience loved him! Things haven’t changed - from the Bay Café during the 90’s to today - he just played at my current bar/restaurant, Lee’s Landing Dock Bar in Port Deposit, MD and the people are still blown away!

They love the rocking rhythm and blues sound and the brass along with it, playing songs they know and love. It energizes them and everyone seems to come alive and start singing with the people they’re with, tapping their feet and clapping.

I still really enjoy hearing them play, and I really like that I see an increase in the number of guests and sales at the bars/restaurants when he’s booked.

I’d recommend him to anyone looking for great music at a bar, restaurant, wedding, private party or festival.

Still giving it all he’s got! You GO, Jr. Cline!

Bud Craven, Founder 

Lee’s Landing Dock Bar

The Recliners and I go all the way back to the mid 80’s where I first listened to Daryl and his band in downtown Frederick and knew then he was the band to follow. His soulful voice and mix of songs from Van Morrison to Otis Redding and even a little country will keep you coming back again and again. Through the years he has surrounded himself with the best musicians’ in the DC/Baltimore area playing everything from sax, trumpet, organ, bongos, drums, lead and bass guitar. Since then I have had Daryl and The Recliners play at many of my party’s through the years and they have always been one hundred percent rocking . To this day, Jr. and The Recliners are my first choice in bands. My wife Susan and I love to listen and to dance and bring many of our friends to enjoy. I only hope Daryl keeps singing and playing that music we love to hear many more years to come.

If you are looking for a band for that special occasion don’t hesitate to give The Recliners the opportunity to make it the best. From my heart I still think Daryl sings Van Morrison’s songs just as good or better than Van does the way he pours the lyrics out.

Thanks for all the good times through the years.

Your favorite fans,

 Susan and Craig Clark

Like so many, I am unreserved in my endorsement of Dary Jr. Cline, whether fronting the Recliners or his trio!

I have been a fan of Jr. Cline and the Recliners for more than 25 years.

When I found myself in a position at Father Martin’s Ashley to book a band for our annual Alumni Reunion, I jumped at the opportunity to bring Daryl and his gang to Father Martin’s. The results were tremendous: everyone raved. We’ve now had them join us for the last five years...

Daryl is an amazing combination of talent, professionalism and heart.

He delivers…every time!

Kevin Hourigan


Alumni Services


Ashley Addiction Treatment (formerly Father Martin’s Ashley)

 I wanted to thank you and the band again, for helping to make my July 5th party so special and amazing.  We all had so much fun dancing to your great music and could have kept dancing all night!!   I had tons of people tell me how talented and awesome you guys are and how much they enjoyed the band.  The party definitely wouldn't have been the same without your band there.  You guys always give a great performance, but not surprised, as we have had the band play at my personal party's in the past.  You and the band always are professional and sound great!  The July 5th party was so meaningful, as it had been some time since you had been back to my home.  We really appreciate all the hard work and energy that you and the band put into making the night so Awesome!

Todd Harper 

Edgewater, MD


I have had the fortune of knowing and hiring Daryl Jr. Cline and his band since 1985. Since that time, Daryl and I have formed an honest friendship based off his professional approach and talents for delivering an outstanding performance. Jr. Cline and the Recliners have played at several of my events alone and each time their performance help cement my legacy alone as a quality promoter and entertainer.

To this day, I am most comfortable recommending Daryl and his band to play at any function. After all, I have acted as his agent on several appearances, and all our clients have requested his return. Most recently, those appearances include the Horseshoe Casino, Maryland Live, CB Charities, Governor O’Malley’s St Patrick Day Party and the Scaregrounds Halloween Party.

If Jr. Cline and the Recliners are playing, you better be ready for a great time!!

Brian O’Shea, Founder
O’Shea Media Group


I have been following Junior Cline and the Recliners for almost 25 years. Junior is an incredible musician, covering numerous artists ranging from Rock to Soul to Jazz to Country. A gifted song writer as well, his "Give them Wings" tribute to a former Recliner who passed away became forever linked to the victims of 9/11.  His voice has that tone which puts the blue-eyed soul into so many of his songs, especially the Van Morrison songs.  Daryl is extremely critical when it comes to picking the "just right" musician to join the Recliners.  He makes sure they blend together to create the ultimate musical experience. His music has the crowd up and dancing with the very first song.

Doug Winkler, President
Winkler Pool Management, Inc.


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