Sweet rockin’ soul music!  JR. CLINE AND THE RECLINERS perform rhythm & blues with a rocking edge and full brass sound.


JR. CLINE passionately belts out unique arrangements of both classic and modern R&B.  He’s known for his distinctive style, soulful compositions and is one of the mid-Atlantic region’s most popular and enduring musicians.


JR. CLINE AND THE RECLINERS have been entertaining audiences for over three decades and have played from New York to Key West - including 12 consecutive years at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square on New Year's Eve.  They’ve achieved the musical status to be invited to perform at the White House and have earned multiple awards from the Washington Area Music Association.


Take a breeze from the mountains of West Virginia, mix in the soul of the blues and a sweet sense for brass, combine with a set of God-given pipes, and you’ve got the delicious sound produced by this innovative singer/songwriter, DARYL JR. CLINE.



I've completed a recording of entirely original material called “Anywhere the Wind Blows” that blends country with soul.  Country, you ask?  Yes, it's a departure from the R&B I'm known for but it's basic to who I am.  I was born and raised in the remote hollers of southernmost West Virginia in Mingo and McDowell counties and later lived in Maryland where I connected with the music that would eventually gain me regional acclaim and where I would raise my five boys.  The Eastern Panhandle of WV, which is close to the Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, is now my home. 


I hope you take a listen and that you find a song on “‘Anywhere the Wind Blows” that speaks to you. http://www.jrcline.com/buy/anywhere_the_wind_blows


  • 12/11/2019
    Downtown Holiday Market - Washington, DC



Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/daryljrcline.jrclineandtherecliners?pnref=story YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/user/DarylJrCline

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