Boys' Night Out

This CD is all ROCKIN' SOUL to the bone and includes some original songs. We added our flair to the cover songs while staying true to the groove and the artists. This is one of our most successful recordings.  It also has several special guest appearances by some of the Washington area's most gifted artists. This CD will get the listener to wanna get up and dance and there's nothing like a four piece horn section to pin you to the wall.  Give a listen and let me know what you think.


"Boys Night Out" benefits from a small pool of area talent…and the

kind of relaxed, sometimes boisterous barroom atmosphere that
has sustained the band's brass-powered, blue-eyed soul over the
years. As a singer Cline is as impressive as ever. He covers
tunes…with ease and authority, appearing to draw inspiration not
only from the original recordings but also from the company he's
keeping in the studio. The guest list includes Tommy Lepson,
Mike Cotter and Mary Ann Redmond -- all of whom add to the
album's gritty vocal power -- and piano man Bruce Wallace,
who pops up frequently, tastefully and colorfully throughout the
album. The Recliners, too, are in fine form. The horn charts by
Cline and trumpeter Zack Smith are tight, bright and true to
tradition, adding plenty of luster and drive to the arrangements,
and organist John Hurd and guitarist Andy Shriver consistently
provide contrasting solos and textures. It's all been done before,
of course, but this time around the Recliners and friends make it
all sound worth doing again."

Mike Joyce

The Washington Post




  • 12/11/2019
    Downtown Holiday Market - Washington, DC



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